Foers Triton

Steve Hole writes:

The Triton was essentially an updated and more civilised version of the Nomad launched by John Foers (Foers Engineering) in 1985. The main difference was the use of Metro subframes and mechanicals. Styling was a little bit more friendly on the eye although it still had flat glass all round. Same build method ie folded ally panels over a strong perimeter frame mounted on a tubular steel chassis. It was pensioned off to a company called Del-Tech Engineering (also based in Rotherham) in 1990 where it staggered on until circa 1997. I estimate around 60 were sold compared to 200 Nomads. Foers now makes the Discovery based Ibex which is actually very good and is a cult amongst the 4x4 boys.
(photo courtesy of S. Hole)

Steve Hole edits the excellent Total Kitcar and Total Sportscar web sites.

(Photos: unidentified magazine article)

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