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Jan. 2019

Covers: Ian Hayward and RAX, 7198 at Castle Combe in 2010; Phil Smethurst’s Mk.IV, DH8241 in Australia.
Cut-out paper Mini Marcos model; Le Mans 1966 Mini Marcos Model.
Mini Briefs and Bloomers including: 7057, DH8365, DH8399 and Mini Jem RS-M2-1090.
Scan of article from Popular Classics, May 1992, with Roger Garland and Mini Marcos DH8257.
Life before Marcos - Jem Marsh’s Speedex company.
Size Does Matter - Sometimes: wiper blades, featuring Richard Green's Mini Marcos Mk.III, 7520.
Jem Marsh and Marcos Cars - An Interesting Back Storey by Luke Edwards.
Club Polo Shirts
This time, the car is NOT the star of the show. Tim and Amy Frankland on their wedding day with spotless Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8330.
Helpful Hints for Winter.
The Zeltweg 500km Race, 1967 with Colin MacKenzie’s Mini Marcos TPR 42, and Gottfried Stottan’s Mini Marcos which took part in the race.
International Rescue - David Pounder's Mini Marcos Mk.IV, 7506 breaks down on the Severn Bridge.
No Longer a Sleeping Beauty - Mathieu Descamps’s Mini Marcos Mk.I in France.
Mini Marcos 6020 from Paulo Arbizzani.
All Legal and Above Board - I Thinmk Not! - Mini Marcos V5 for sale on ebay.
Geelong Revival 2018 from Steve Schmidt and Phil Smethurst.
Yes, we've all done this - or maybe not! Paul Buelens’s Mini Marcos Mk.III discovered.
Mini Marcos Windscreen Rubber, Dave Smith’s Mini Marcos Mk.IV, DH8279.
Severely accident damaged body shell - Colin Jenkins takes on a challenge!
I am considering purchasing a Mini Marcos ... Body number 8072 from Luis Miguel in Spain.
Mini Marcos in Portugal from Pedro Pitta - DH8229.
Exclusive: Marcos may be made in Australia (but this article is from March 2005).
A Warning To Us All - Mini Marcos 7029 destroyed in garage fire in November 2017.
Fantastic Photos fromThe Archives - Le Mans 1966 and Geoff Mabbs at Goodwood on 30 April 1966.


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