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Cars can be assumed to be four wheel, front engine unless stated on this or the linked page.

9X Mini Alex Issigonis's Mini replacement prototypes from 1969 to 1978, now at Gaydon.
ABC Tricar Rare GRP three-wheeler at the 2005 Mini World Action Day, Castle Combe.
ABS Freestylesee Freestyle
ABS Sprint GTLike a Peel Viking Minisport with a Minus front.
AC DoningtonThree wheeled buggy (front engine)
AEM Scout (previously SMC Scout) Steel bodied utility kit at Stoneleigh, 1987 and Shoreham, 2005.
Aerocomet Three-wheel prototype - others were tour wheelers.
AF Grand Prix Rare Alexander Fraser three-wheeler at Sandown Park kit car show, 1989.
AF Spyder Alexander Fraser Spyder in about 1991.
Alexander Fraser A variety of vehicles from Sandy Fraser
Alto Boxer Cabrio conversion with body kit at Stoneleigh 2000.
Alto Duo Mini Alternatives Registrar, Geoffrey King with his Alto Duo.
Andersen Cub Scouse Moke. (Site)
Andersen Cub 66-wheel version of above.
ASP 1300S Rear-engined sports-racer. Location unknown.
AuroraMid-engined sports-racer.
Austin 1300 PBP Fibreglass bodied prototype at Gaydon, October 2006.
Austin Ant BMC's 4-wheel drive utility at Gaydon.
Austin Reliant Reliant body, Mini unit at front, single rear wheel.
Autocars Marcos Short-lived Mini Estate by Marcos
Autocom Minibuggyno information
Auto Egovarious conversions
Automotive RefabricationFastback conversions and kits (Australia)
Badsley EagleTarga sports prototype
B.A.L. Special Rear engine sports/hillclimb car.
Banham Roadster2-seater chop-top conversion (site)
Banham Sprint Frogeye Sprite replica.
Banshee Georgeous one-off open sportscar from South Africa.
Barquette Strange Gallic sports-racer.
Beach Buggy Two Mini powered beach buggies made in Devon.
Beauford Mini on a truck at the London-Brighton Mini Run, 2003.
Berkeley Bandini Mini engined Berkeley at Stafford kit car show, 1999.
Berkeley BandiniVariant of the classic Villiers-powered machine.
Biota Biotae at Mini In The Park 1998 and Brooklands Mini Day, 2004. (site)
Bison CJC Bison sports convertible. 1275 A-series but not much Mini.
Blitz 2 2 Alan Fixter's 1275 Mini engined NCF Blitz Mk. 2.
Boro GTMid-engined sports.
BoxerMid-engined tub.
Broadspeed GT 2+2 Fastback at the 2007 Skope Classic in New Zealand
Brookland SwallowOpen three-wheeler.
Brookwell TrifidFlies-in-the-teeth three-wheeler (F)
BulantiAustralian sports coupé with frog-eye pretentions.
Butterfield MusketeerSee Musketeer.
Camarotta Dave Ratner's attractive two-seater makes its debut at Stoneleigh in 2001.
Camber GT Andy Clayton's Nerus-tuned Camber GT which is closely related to the Silhouette and Maya.
Caraboot Demountable camper based on Mini van.
Casual LofaEdd China's motorised sofa.
ChairmanWheelchair adaptation.
Chambers Special 5One-off GRP coupé.
Checker MiniMarcos's Mini Cooper lookalike
Christopher MiniClubman style
Clubman SRV4 BL/TRRL Safety Research Vehicle at Gaydon, October 2006.
Codford GRP Coupé, MGB-GT styled rear.
Coldwell GT Road-race rear engined GT
Cooper Bertone Upmarket Cooper S rework.
Cordsee Mini Cord
Costin Prototype Simon Garrett's aluminium bodied prototype.
Cox GTM A Cox GTM (Grand Touring Mini) at Yeovil Festival of Transport, August 1997.
Crayford Convertibles A nest of Crayford Hornets at Mini In The Park 2006.
Cubsee Andersen Cub
Curley Trike Front-engined three-wheeler.
D.A.R.T Dizzy Addicott's special that inspired the Mini Jem
D.A.R.T restoration A recreation of D.A.R.T using a newer shell.
Davenport SpecialOne-off mid-engined coupé
Davrian Mk.8 3 Stuart Cleevely's Mini-engined hillclimb car.
Deep Sanderson 105 Twini single seater.
Deep Sanderson 301 Prototype Photo courtesy of Steve Hole, Total Kitcar.
Deep Sanderson 301 The production DS301 at Le Mans in 1963 and 2004.
De Joux Special portfolio: two Mini De Joux from New Zealand, including the prototype.
Domino Cabrio Cabrio at the Mini World Action Day, Castle Combe, October 2004.
Domino Gullwing Gullwing door version of the Cabrio
Domino HT Mini in the Park, 2006.
Domino Pimlico Pimlicos in Holland and at Sandown Park.
Domino Premier Carcraft 2003, Bingley Hall.
Domino Pickup Minis by the Sea, Shoreham, August 2005.
Double Decker Bus Waspy’s double decker at Mini@40, Silverstone 1999
Dougal Bug Stewart McDougall’s one-off special in 1971
Duckham's Q20-50 Promotional vehicle at the Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon.
Ecurie de Des 2+2Australian coupé conversion.
Elswick Envoy Mini In The Park, 2005
ERA Turbo 30 Mini Years, Silverstone, 1989
Euxton CarabootSee Caraboot
Ferrari Not sure what its called, but this Ferrari-ish creation hails from South Africa.
Fireball Midgetracer
Fletcher GT Paul Ogle's Fletcher GT is in fact a restyled Ogle SX1000.
FortechBody kits for Minis on steroids.
FRA Mini FRA Engineering's GRP Mini on show at Stoneleigh 2003. (site)
Freestyle Mike Brown's Freestyle attracts attention at Castle Combe.
Gecko John Hidle's Gecko.
Gemini John Wright's three-wheeler as featured in Mini World.
GitaneRear-engined coupé
GnatWedge-shaped, rear-engined sports buggy
Gnatsee also MG Gnat
GoaMini shorty kit
Grantura Yaksee Yak
Greenwood Mini Sidecar Bananas sidecar racing machine.
GTM Coupé GTM Coupé at the foot of Brooklands Test Hill, April 2002.
GTM Rossa Mk. 1 and Mk. 2 GTM Rossas at Newark Kit Car Show, 1990.
Hobo Bob Egginton's adaptable Hobo utility vehicle shown in Kit Cars & Specials in 1988.
HooperCoachbuilt conversions (e.g. Peter Sellers's Mini)
Hovercraft We're not joking - this Mini Hovercraft is at the Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-the-Solent.
Hull Special Graham Hull’s scratch-built three wheeler.
Hustler Force 4 Carol Kerry's Hustler at the 1997 Mini Cooper Day, Beaulieu.
Hustler 6 Smart six-wheeler at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, May 2002.
Hustler H6 Hustler H6 at Newark Kit Car Festival, June 2004
Hustler Harrier This six-wheeler can take a wheelchair ramp at the rear. Uxbridge Autoshow, July 2002.
Hustler HellcatUtility
Hustler HoboPickup
Ibis Scaled-down Kiwi Cobra which later became the Wasp.
IGM MinibugGordon Murray's spaceframe buggy
Isetta-MiniOne-off 850 Mini-powered Isetta.
Jackson Sportster Rear-engined Targa-top from South Africa, now in Australia.
Jiffy Pickup Glenn Bowden's Jiffy at the Mini World Action Day, September 2002.
Jiffy Romahome A classic camper at Mini in the Park, August 2005.
Jiffy Tipper Truck Another Jiffy option at Minis By The Sea, September 2007.
Jimini Jim Meikle's 1977 JiMiNi still going strong, plus a later Jimini 2 at Kinross.
JKD MiniMini profile racer (Jack Knight Developments)
KAD MiniMini profile racer (Kent Automotive Developemnts)
Keith Clubman Convertible Rachel Smith's soft top conversion by Keith's Convertibles.
KilleenSee Springbok K.16
Kingfisher SprintSee Kingfisher Story (site)
LambertMock Moke
Landar R6 Unknown Landar R6 racer.
Landar R7 Can-Am style racer mid-engine.
Land Rover Landie-styled Mini (at the front, at least)
Lawther GTSleek mid-engined coupé
Lenham Le MansSports racer mid-engine.
Leonhardt TigerMesserschmidt Tiger idea, mid-engine.
LimoA number of Mini-based stretched limousines have been constructed.
LolitaClubman style mid-engined racer (AUS)
Lolita Mk.2Flat wedge shaped racer (AUS)
Luna BugBuggy (Stimson Mini-bug copy)
Mackintosh M1 4open sports
Magenta 5MG 1100-based buggy
Magenta LSRRoadster
Magenta SprintMini-based buggy.
Maguire Replica Maguire Mini profile spaceframe racer.
Many MegoNoddy car (site)
Mare InnocentiSee Mini Mare Innocenti
Martini Strange coupé experiment from Germany.
Maya David Marley's unique racing Maya GT.
McCoy Two McCoys at the Stafford Kit Car Show, 2000.
Méan BMC Mini (Sonora)Mid-engined spaceframe sports coupé (B)
Méan SpiderMid-engined spaceframe open racer (B)
Meredith Convertible Multi-car mash-up.
Metron Metro-based rear-engined racer
MG Gnat Wally Hall's MG racer in 1970
MG Mini Mini engined MG prototype Midget replacement at Gaydon
Micron GTTarga-top mid-engine
Midas Bronze John Marr's D&H Midas.
Midtec Bronze Ex-factory demonstrator seen at the Mini World Action Day, 2002.
MinamowColin Lourie's homebuilt Scampish special. (Site)
Mincia Lancia engined Mini Clubman at IMM 2002 in Terwolde (NL).
Minettetown car (door at rear)
Mini Beach Toast rack Mini conversion from California.
Mini BugSee Stimson Bug
Mini Cord 1992 GRP-bodied Mini Cord from Venezuela, now at Gaydon.
Mini Coupé Unidentified coupé conversion in South Africa.
Mini CSSaloon, electric drive option.
Mini Daly RunaboutCabriolet
Mini DartSports (GRP prototype that became the Jem)
Mini DB6Austin-Martin?
Mini de Ville Radford's hatchback conversion
Mini Jem See Mini Jem Story (site).
Mini LimoVarious stretched Mini limousines.
Minim Bob Egginton with his Minim pictured in Kit Cars & Specials in 1988.
Minimach GT Venetian Blinder! - Innocenti-based Unipower-styled kit from Italy.
Mini Madness Some outrageous Mini modifications at Mini30, Silverstone, 1989.
Mini Marcos See Mini Marcos Story.
Mini Mare Innocenti Italian beach car.
Mini Michelotti 1970 1275GT-based, Michelotti-built sportscar prototype at Gaydon.
Mini Monaco John Centrone's Buckle Monaco in Sydney.
Mini Scampsee Scamp.
Minisport 5 Very clean grass-tracker at Brighton, 18th May 2008.
Mini Sprint Original Mini Sprint at IMM 2004 in Norwich.
Mini Sprint Rally Sport Replicas' Mini Sprint replica, formerly Hawke's Stewart & Ardern.
Minissan ZSX Mike Guido's Nissan ZX conversion in the USA. (site)
Minissima William Towns's ultimate town car, the Minissima, at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon.
Mini-Trac Caterpillar Mini (AUS)
Minki 2 Rover's K-Series Mini prototype at Gaydon.
Minnow GT Pickup with a roof.
Minus A stunning metallic red Minus takes pride of place at Carcraft 2000.
Minus Maxi Brian Luff's Rancho-style Clubman at Brooklands Museum, 2002.
ModFront engined buggy
Moke Special GRP superstructure on Moke tub.
Mosquito Matthew Smith's Chris Hollier Mosquito.
Mosquito(three-wheeler) See Triad.
Mouse Three-wheeler.
MusketeerRear-engined sports.
Nautica Ken Appleby's Twini Elf special.
Navajo 5Utility
NCF BlitzSee Blitz
NC 1000 Nostalgia Cars' Ogle SX 1000 replica.
Nimbus Magazine and publicity photos of the mid-engined two-seater from Hampshire.
Nimbus Don Parker SpecialOne-off mid-engined sports-racer.
Nimrod Mike Jupp's Nimrod production number 1.
Nomad Dave Parlett's Nomad, and a quartet at Newark '03.
Nota Fang
(Nota Type 4)
This toothsome two-seater is owned by David Whitehouse in Australia.
Ogle SX1000 One of the first Mini variants is seen at the Mini Marque Day at Gaydon in 2000.
Onyx Bobcat Bobcat demonstrator on the Onyx stand at the Three Counties Kit Car Show, Malvern in August 2001.
Onyx TomcatBuggy
Outspan Orange Outspan Oranges at Herts '94 and the National Motor Museum, beaulieu.
Pantoufle Trike.
Paul Huxford 1Vortz Racing conversions sold under the Cooper name.
Peel Viking Sport This 2+2 GRP-bodied Mini was seen at the Newark Kit Car Show in 1988.
Pellandini Max Kinsmore's sleek road-racer in South Australia.
Phoenix Estate This nice example of a Phoenix Hatchback Estate was displayed at Mini In The Park at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire in August 1999.
Premo CoupéSee GTM Coupé.
Project XSports Car World magazine special mid-engined coupé (AUS)
La PuceJ-C Hrubon's Schmitt 6CV under a different guise.
Pulsarno information
Quasar UnipowerGlass cube on wheels (site).
RadfordVarious conversions (see Mini de Ville).
Ranger Cub This three-wheeler buggy was a hit with about 200 being sold over a two year period.
Ranger Pickup 1100-based Ranger pickup at Bingley Hall.
Reeves Matrix Scary three-wheeler
Reptune GTBlob (CAN)
Ridgway Sports Conversion Nose job for Minis
Roamer Metro-based utility (pick-up version here).
Sabot Not a lot of people know about this interesting fun buggy.
Sabre Sprint Previously owned by club member Richard Loewenstein, this Sabre guested on the Mini Marcos stand at Stoneleigh 2001.
Sabre Vario Removable rear hardtop.
Sabrina Strange one-off creation at Stoneleigh 2005.
SagaOdd shaped coupé
Scamp Mk. 1 Mk. 1 Scamp at the 1989 Stoneleigh Kit Car Show
Scamp Mk. 2 Mk. 2 Scamp at Stoneleigh 1989.
Scamp Mk. 3 Scamps in glorious mud and on show at Brooklands.
ScarabProduction prototye of a sports coupé by Alan Staniforth based on the Terrapin.
Schmitt 6CVJ-C Hrubon's Shorty Moke
Scorpion HayleyMini nose job
ScoutSee AEM Scout
SidecarSee Greenwood Mini Sidecar
Silhouette GTSee Camber GT.
Siva Moonbug S1 William Janssen's rapidly restored Moonbug is seen at the 1999 International Mini Meeting at Gaydon.
Siva Mule Unusual Mini-based utility vehicle.
Skip 1000Open (rear wheels close together)
SMC ScoutSee AEM Scout.
SonoraSee Méan.
SpeedwellPerformance conversions
Springbok K.16 Mid-engined open sports.
SprintSee Banham Sprint, Mini Sprint
Sprint WorksGRP cut-down flip-front Mini
SRV4See Clubman SRV4
Status 365 The wedge-shaped mid-engined 365 at Mini In The Park in 2001.
Status 4R2 mid-engined Minus variant.
Status MinipowerWedge shaped mid-engined single-seater.
Status SymbolOpen wedge (mid-engine)
Stewart & Ardern Hawk Cars' Mini Sprint replica at Knebworth 2006.
Stimson Bug Open fun car, Finlake Mini Festival '98.
Stimson CS2 Runaboat at Mini@40, Silverstone, August 1999.
Stimson CTS Trike.
Stimson Safari 6 Open six-wheeler also at Mini@40.
Stimson Scortcher Automatic Scortcher at the European Kit Car Show, Chatham 1997, and a manual version at the Yeovil Festival of Transport, 1997.
Stimson Trek Also known as the Trek King, this roll cage on wheels at least has four wheels!
Surfite Single seat surf-buggy from California.
Taylorspeed Jem 6See Mini Jem (AUS) (site)
TDK Racing MiniSpaceframe racer (site)
Terrapin Single seat mid-engined racer.
Thatched Cottage This is getting rediculous!
TiCiMid engined motorised barrow (site)
TickfordCoachbuilt conversions
TimeireSaloon (IRL)
TomcatSee Onyx Tomcat.
TownscarSee Minissima.
Tracer 7 William Towns designed Tracer at the Motor Heritage Centre, Gaydon.
Trek KingSee Stimson Trek
Triad (Mosquito) Two views of a Triad at Newark'98. (site)
TricarSee ABC Tricar.
TrifidSee Brookwell Triffid.
Trimin James Webber’s Trimin
Trimini Tony Anchors in his own creation.
Triono information
Triton 8 John Foers's estate car kit. Words by Steve Hole of Total Kitcar.
TwiniTwo-engined Mini (generic)
Twini Moke Twin engined Moke prototype at Gaydon, October 2006.
UltiminiSpaceframe Mini profile (site)
Unipower GT Left hand drive Unipower at Morges, IMM '98, and two more at Hindhead in the 80s.
Viking Hornet SportWolseley Hornet cabrio conversion.
Peel Viking SportSee Peel.
VW90Rancho-style estate.
WaspLater development of the Ibis.
Westfield TRZ Bike engined spaceframe Mini profile racer.
Whippingham WrogueSee Scarab.
Whitby WarriorJames Flynn's "Baby Defender" in Coventry.
Westwood Xtreme German Moke variant.
Wildgoose Calle Berntsson's Wildgoose leads the flock at IMM '99.
Wood & Pickett Various Mini conversions
Yak This Moke-inspired Grantura Yak is in need of some TLC.
Zagato Mini GattoSports Saloon (site)
Z-Cars Mini Bike-engined beast at Stoneleigh 2005.


Some of the cars listed above may also be known or prefixed by other names:

ABC - Tricar
ABS Minis - Freestyle (bought by THE)
AEM - Scout
Alexander Fraser - AF AB1 Tricar, AF Grand Prix
Andersen - Cub
ASD - Hobo, Minim
Atlantis - Goa
BMD Motors Ltd. (British Columbia) - Mini CS
Butterfield Engineering - Musketeer
Cooper Car Co. - Cooper Bertone
Corseley Garages - Mini Sprint
Cox - GTM
D & H Fibreglass Techniques - Mini Marcos, Midas
ESAP - Minimach GT
Fellpoint - Mini Jem
Grantura - Yak
Hawk - Stewart & Ardern (Sprint replica)
High Performance Mouldings - Mini Jem
W.J. Last Ltd. - Viking Hornet and Minisport
Marcos - Mini Marcos, Checker Mini
Marcos Ireland - Mini Marcos
M.P.G. & H. Engineering - Minnow
NCF - Blitz 2
Nostalgia Cars - NC 1000
Onyx - Tomcat, Bobcat
Rally Sport Replicas - Mini Sprint, Van and Pickup replicas.
Sarcon - Scarab
Status - 365, Minipower, Minus, Minus Maxi, 4R2, Sabot
TCM - Scout
T.H.Engineering - Freestyle
Universal Power Drives Ltd. - Unipower GT
Whitby Engineering - Warrior
Book Review:
Maximum Mini by Jeroen Booij
The essential book of cars
based on the original Mini

Book Review:
Maximum Mini 2 by Jeroen Booij
The second book of cars
based on the original Mini

Discount Auto Parts LLC
Offers auto body parts, auto accessories
and replacement car parts at discount
prices for Mini Coopers in the US

Designers and Builders

A few more people and the cars associated with them:

Addicott, Desmond ("Dizzy") - DART, Mini Dart
Ayre, Iain - Brookland Swallow
Banham, Paul - Sprint, Roadster
Broad, Ralph - Broadspeed
Buckingham, Guy - Nota Fang
Buckle, Bill - Mini Monaco conversion
Butterfield, Richard - Musketeer
Byrd, Ian - Ibis, Wasp (New Zealand)
Cox, Bernard - GTM
De Joux, Ferris - De Joux (New Zealand)
Delmar-Morgan, Jeremy - Mini Jem
Dermott, Harold - Mini Marcos, Midas
Dunne, Dave - Mini marcos (Ireland)
Egginton, Bob - Hobo, Minim
Fell, Malcolm - Mini Jem
Fletcher, Norman - Fletcher
Foers, John - Nomad, Triton
Greenwood, Owen - Mini Sidecar
Hawkridge, Gerry - Stewart & Ardern
Hill, Anthony - TiCi
Hollier, Chris - Mosquito
Holmes, George - Camber, Maya
Houghton, John - Biota
Ingram, Nick - Gecko
Jackson, Jeff - Jackson Sportster
Killeen, Tom - Springbok K.16
King, Roger - Kingfisher Sprint
Lacey, Eric & Robin - Boro GT
Langridge, Alan - Navajo
Lawrence, Chris - Deep Sanderson
Lourie, Colin - Minamow
Luff, Brian - Status (see above)
Macintosh, Owen - M1
Maguire, John - Maguire spaceframe Minis
Monck-Mason, Tim - Ibis, Wasp (New Zealand)
Moulton, Brian - Mini Marcos
Needham, Bill - Coldwell GT
Nehrybecki, Henry - Lolita
Newell, Malcolm - Mini Marcos
Oakes, Richard - Domino, Jiffy, Midas
Ogle, David - Ogle
Padoan, Gianfranco - Minimach
Pellandine, Peter - Pellandini
Polinghorne, Ken - Ultimini
Radnall, Peter & Clive - Landar
Raubenheimer, Brian - Mini Marcos (South Africa)
Rawlings, Brian - Bulanti
Shearer, Ian - Nimbus
Staniforth, Alan - Terrapin, Scarab
Statham, Robin - Mini Jem, Mini Bug
Stimson, Barry - Bug, CS2, Scortcher, Safari, Trek
Taylor, John - Mini Jem (Australia)
Towns, William - Envoy, Hustler, Minissima, Tracer
Trickett, Neville - Siva, Mini Sprint


  1. These cars were distributed by the Cooper Car Company (1984) Limited which had no connection with John Cooper Garages (the "Works"), and were prepared by Vortz Racing. Austin-Rover and John Cooper put a stop to it with a threat of legal action as Rover was about to relaunch the Mini-Cooper brand. It's a shame that they chose to use the Cooper name for what were apparently well engineered conversions in their own right, not cheap look-alikes.
  2. The original Blitz is F.I.A.T. 126 based.
  3. The Davrian was essentially Hillman Imp based, but some A-Series engined cars were produced.
  4. Mackintosh Design subsequently offered this car as a Metro-based kit, but we believe that production ceased following the death of the proprietor.
  5. 1100/1300 based.
  6. The Taylor Jems were built under licence in South Australia.
  7. The Tracer was initially Metro Turbo based but later versions were powered by Norton motorcycle engines.
  8. The Triton is Metro based.

With acknowledgements to all contributors, especially Geoff King, Colin Wrigglesworth, Stef Jones, Georges Dumont, Ivan Gorridge, Olaf Braasch, Chris Rees, Simon Woolley, Peter Filby, Malcolm McKay, Jeroen Booij, Doug Anderson, Steve Edmonds, Andy Clayton, Alexandre Ollier, Steve Hole, Martyn Jones, Mark Apsey, Iain Ayre, Phil Wells and Tertius van Zyl, plus all the owners who have sent in pictures of their cars (or advertised them on ebay).


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